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Central Dalmatia

One of the oldest cities in Central Dalmatia is Šibenik. When visiting this historic city in which also some scenes of the Game of Thrones were shot, you should also visit the Cathedral of St. James, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the city of Šibenik there are four fortresses – St. Nicholas Fortress, St. Michael’s Fortress, St. John Fortress and Barone Fortress which are definitely worth seeing.


Location: Vodice is a very popular tourist town with many restaurants and shops. It is located in the very center of the Croatian coast, only 12 km from the town of Sibenik.
The most beautiful beaches: You can spend the whole day on the 4 km long sandy beach Plava Plaža. Along the whole beach there is a nice pine forest, where you can find many restaurants and bars. Pine trees offer shelter during hot summer days. For the explorers of the sea secrets, this place also offers a diving school.
Do not miss: Since 2006, Vodice has also been offering Sea Aquariums and Museums to visitors. There you can see old fishing gear and ships, as well as historical objects taken from the seabed. In aquariums you will also see 50 species of fishes.
Tip for you: Not far from Vodice, you can visit Tribunj, known as the local fishing village where you can buy fresh fish every afternoon. There is also a small harbor in the village.
Anchoring: In Vodice, there is ACI Marina Vodice but you can also use small harbor in the nearby Tribunj. In both cases, you have the option of anchoring at the pier or using mooring.


Location: Murter is the largest island of the Sibenik achipelago, and it´s also part of the North Dalmatian Islands. In the village of Tisno, the island is connected to the mainland by a 12 m long lifting bridge.  The opposite side of the island offers a magnificent view of the Kornati islands.
The most beautiful beaches: Slanica Beach, lying in the bay of the same name, is one of the most popular beaches on the island. On the rocky beach there are various bars and restaurants where you can try many Dalmatian specialities. Sea is shallow up to 30 meters from the shore.
Tip for you: Every year on the Feast of St. Michael on Murter takes place The regatta “Latin idro” (Latin sail). It traditionally starts from the bay of Hramina on the north coast of the island. On this event can participate only traditional boats with a Latin sail.
Anchoring: In the center of Murter there are two harbors – Marina Hramina and Marina Betina. You can also go to the Slanic bay where you can berth in a depth of 8 m.

Islands Žirje, Kaprije and Zlarin

Location: The largest among these islands is Zirje, which belongs to the Šibenik archipelago and it´s located only 5 miles from Šibenik. Even though the island is quite far from the mainland, it has a regular shipping connection with it. Boats float  several times a day from Sibenik and stop at the island of Kaprije.
The most beatiful bays: On the northern coast of the island of Žirje there are numerous beautiful bays like Mikavica, Muna and Japlenišće. On the southern coast there are Mala and Vela Stupice, Kabal, Kruševica, which will provide you and your ship the desired relax.
For diving lovers: Diving enthusiasts can enjoy the underwater world around the island of Kaprije, especially on the north side. You can see there sunken ship of Francesco da Rimini from 1944 at a depth of 38 to 50 m.
Do not miss: Very interesting island of Zlarin offers the small museum –  “Coral Zlarinka Center” where you can get to know the history of coral hunting and their processing. Those interested can buy a coral jewellery as a souvenir.
Anchoring: Each of these islands offers numerous opportunities for mooring in beautiful bays. We can mention Stupica bay on Žirje island with possibility of anchoring at a depth of 7-12 m. The Kaprije and Zlarin islands have larger ports, located in the villages where you can anchor at the pier and by mooring.

National Park Krka

Location: When we talk about ​​Central Dalmatia, we have to mention the unforgettable Krka National Park, which is a combination of the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful scenery of natural waterfalls. If you decide to explore this park aboard your boat, you have to come across Krka River directly from Šibenik, Proklianske Lake, Skradin to the most beautiful waterfalls of Krka, Skradinsky Waterfalls.
Do not miss: In the case of Skradinsky waterfalls, these are 400 m long walls with a total height difference of 45.7 m. Under these waterfalls, bathing is also allowed. Part of the tour are still functional water mills or water washing machines.
Tip for you: You can start the Krka National Park trip at the harbor above Skradinsky Waterfalls against the flow the Krka River. Cruising through a narrow canyon through Visovacko Lake to the impressive Roški Waterfall (Roški slap) is an experience that you will remember for a very long time. Worth mentioning is also Visovac Island, where you can explore the Franciscan monastery with a library and a beautiful park.
Anchoring: You can leave your boat in Skradin where ACI Marina is located. If you would like to enjoy a bit of undisturbed relaxation, you can visit the western bay of Beretus, where you will find berths at a depth of 5 meters.


National park Kornati is one of the most famous Croatian national parks. It consists of 140 islands and islets. Kornati are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.There are no permanent settlements.  The most important places on the Kornati islands are –  the shallow channel Mala Proversa, the oval-shaped Taljurič island, Špinuta Bay, Stivina Bay, Piškera island, Panitula Vela island, Lavsa Bay and the Purara reserve for marine life. Hovewer there is much more to see at this archipelago.
Entrance to the National park is paid and the price depends on the boat size.

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