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Top apps to make your cruise easier

In the past, while sailing across the sea, people had to suffice without any technological support. Nowadays yachting is not about traditional maps – so why not to make our lives easier? Try the latest cruising hacks which can help you to control the most important aspects – from a precise weather forecast to a location of another vessel on the sea..

Some apps need the Internet, the others work offline. Currently, wi-fi is more or less a certain part of a yacht equipment so you do not need to be limited by the connection. Choose the right app available for Android and iPhone. Some of them are free, some are free for trial period, e.g. two weeks – so you can enjoy your vacation without worries.

The most important factor affecting the cruise is weather. Nowadays you can find huge amount of apps which are quite precise in a forecast – for example PredictWind. is realiable.

Another category includes apps which display the location of vessels on the sea. These are very useful especially during the night. They help to avoid possible collisions and can be very practical helpers. Marine Traffic or Boat Beacon are very popular amongst yachtsmen.

Thanks to Boating you can access detailed GPS maps which are similar to the best GPS autopilots. For instance Navily, available in App Store or Google Play, will show you the information about anchorages in Mediterranean sea – displaying the depth of the anchorage or its capacity.

In case you are searching for some education, we recommend the apps which will teach you how to tie different types of knots or show you the stars – so you can set the location.

Except for the apps mentioned above, there are plenty of others so you can easily choose the one which suits you the most :).

Miroslav Kostka

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