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Save up to 50% on yacht booking with a Black Friday discount

The biggest holiday of shopping season is upon us and on November 23rd all the discounts will break loose. Did you know that average discount on Black Friday is 23%? See our tips on how to make use of this holiday season to get the best price for a yacht booking.

1. Search outside the high tourist season

With peak season comes high demand – and even steeper prices. Every sea-loving sailor wants to get that perfect yacht on the sunniest day of summer. Think ahead of the crowds and search elsewhere to book a boat on a more affordable budget. According to, the best time to take a Mediterranean cruise, for example, is in the spring (May-June) or fall (September-October), way off the scorching heat in July and August.

2. Make an early booking to get an exclusively low prepayment

Booking a yacht way ahead solves a lot of issues: you can resolve your travel and accomodations in advance, plan a more detailed itinerary and set up your vacation with minimum of stress. Another added benefit of early booking is low prepayment. Charter companies love it when you book in advance and are willing to considerably cut the first payment in order to be forthcoming to their sailors. Prepayments for next season can go as low as 15%!

3. Take advantage of deal of the day

Charter companies gain competetive advantage by offering various deals and discounts throught the season. Our diligent Boataround elves find the best discounts and highlight them as deals of the day. To spot them, keep your eyes peeled for orange rectangle directly on top of your search results.

💥 Bonus tip: Make use of special Black Friday discount 💥

It’s been a great year for us at Boataround and we’d like to say thank you to all of our loyal sailors. As a token of our appreciation, here are all special Black Friday discounts for boats at Boataround.



Charter Valid by What discount
Euromarine 16.11.-30.11. extra 5% for sailing yachts 2017 & older
Wimmer Yachting till Friday extra 5%
Waypoint till Friday extra 5% on specific boats, you can find them as deal of the day
Veritas Yachting till Friday extra 5%
Croatia Yachting till Friday wifi for free
Odisej Yachting till Friday early check-in for free
Ban Tours Yachting till Friday 20% all for June-November 2019
Sail Croatia Net 20.11.-26.11. 30% for all of May and
June week starting 22.6.
July week starting 13.7.
August week starting 3.8.
September week starting 7.9.
Asta Yachting 21.11.-23.11. extra 5% + free wifi
Pitter Yachtcharter 21.11.-23.11. extra 5% on 5-cabin sailing yachts in Croatia
Angelina Yacht Charter 22.11.-26.11 early check-in for free
Ankora Charter 22.11.-26.11. extra 20% all boats
Astarea Yachting 22.11.-26.11 extra 5%
Inter Mares 22.11.-26.11 extra 5%
Noa Yachting 23.11.-27.11 30% dates 6.4.-25.5., 20% dates 1.6.-26.10.
Sunlife till Friday (23rd November) dinghy for free
Adria Yacht Center only on Friday (23rd November) extra 3%
Adriatic Yacht Charter only on Friday (23rd November) extra 20% on all boats
BB Yacht only on Friday (23rd November) extra 5%
Euronautic only on Friday (23rd November) 25% all except Greebline 48
Free wave only on Friday (23rd November) extra 5%
Jadranka Yachting only on Friday (23rd November) extra 1.5%
Marina Hramina only on Friday (23rd November) 13.7.-24.8., 10% extra most boats
Master Yachting only on Friday (23rd November) extra 5%
Nautic Adria Yacht Charter only on Friday (23rd November) extra 5%
Nautika Kufner only on Friday (23rd November) extra 2.5%
NCP and mare only on Friday (23rd November) extra 25% on specific ships


Charter Valid by What discount
ECC Yacht Friday (23rd November) 15% discount
Viva Charter Friday (23rd November) 20% discount
Cruesa Mallorca Friday (23rd November) 25% discount



25% off on all 2017 and older Kekeris Yachting bareboats with confirmed booking by November 23rd.



25% off on all Dream Yacht Charter bareboats in BVI with confirmed booking by November 23rd in days between January 5th and March 31st.



Do you want to enjoy the sea in Caribbean, Canarias or Balearic Islands with a skilled captain and no responsibilities? If so, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Alboran Charter you can get a 50% off for a one way in Spring 2019.

  • Cabo Verde, Plameira Sal -> Radazul, Tenerife (31st March – 20th April 2019) at 1500 EUR per week on Beneteau 50
  • Cuba, Cienfuegos -> Palma de Mallorca (start at 4th and 11th of May 2019) at 1000 EUR per week on Jeanneau 519
  • Tenerife, Radazul -> Palma de Mallorca (start at 16th March, 13th and 20th of April 2019) at 1000 EUR per week on Cyclades 43

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